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Happy teachers

Happy teachers

Happy teachers' day英语手抄报内容:

National Teachers’ Day is always on Tuesday of the first full week of  September. And it is always for our students to give our special thanks to our lovely teachers.
I still remember last year when I was feeling lost and down and out. I had no idea about my life,my study and even doubt why I was here in the world. I was tired, physically and mentally. I even wanted to give up my study and leave home.
Then my teacher came to me. She said she knew what I was afraid of. She also told me that’s very common like many young people of my age. She told me to call her any time I need her help. I did so. We often chatted and made some phone calls. Then I became confident and found myself new.
Today is Teachers’ Day, I just want to give my best wishes for all my teachers.

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