I Libe Sports英语手抄报资料

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I Libe Sports英语手抄报资料

I Libe Sports英语手抄报资料:

    All over the world people enjoy sports. Sports help to keep people healthy and happy, and to live longer.
    Sports change with the seasons. People play different games in winter and summer. Swimming is fun in warm weather, but skating is good in winter.
    Some sports are so interesting that people everywhere go in for them. Football, for example, has spread around the world. Swimming is popular in all countries near the sea or in those with many rivers. Some sports or games go back thousands of years, like running or jumping. Chinese wushu, for example, has a very long history. But basketball and volleyball are rather new. People are inventing new sports or games all the time. Water skiing is one of the newest in the family of sports.
    People from different countries may not be able to understand each other, but after a game together they often become good friends. Sports help to train a person's character. One learns to fight hard but fight fair, to win without pride and to lose with grace.

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