May Day英语手抄报资料

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May Day英语手抄报资料

May Day英语手抄报资料

I had a good may day. It was wondflu.
In the morning, I went to a park with my father and my mother. We were happy. We went to my grand parents’s home. I was so happy. I played basketball with my cousin. Her name is Chen Cunzhuo. Her English name is Lucy. In the noon, we ate good food steamed dumplings and ZongZi.They are yummy.
In the afternoon,I cleaned my room,bedroom and livingroom.Because is labor’s Day.Then I listened to《sweet》and《love’s wing》. Then I played computer games.
In the evening,I watched TV.Then I played with my firend.
Oh!Today is cloudy rainy.I was so tired, but I was so happy.


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